January 2016 Newletter


Message from Senator Davenport…

Dear Supporters and Constituents,

Happy New Year!  As we embark upon a new year, I am very grateful and truly honored to serve as your State Senator and have the opportunity to make life better for many Georgians.

Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration 2014

Members of the Georgia General Assembly are preparing for another legislative session at the Georgia State Capitol – A challenging and exciting 40 day session to work for all Georgians.  The 2014 session will start on Monday, January 14, 10:00 a.m.   Daily sessions may be viewed at www.legis.ga.gov


General Assembly – State Budget  
The major task for lawmakers will be to balance the annual state budget. Georgia heads into the 2013 with a $400 million budget deficit created by a Medicaid deficit.  In addition, there is likely another $400 million deficit created by a revenue shortfall.  Gov. Nathan Deal has ordered a 3 percent budget cut across most state agencies. Lawmakers will also consider renewing the 1.45 percent hospital provider fee, also known as the "bed tax," to address the Medicaid funding shortfall.  Since the start of the Great Depression, 220,000 Georgians lost jobs and we have $2 billion less in our state coffers.
Today, Georgia has fewer revenues to meet the needs of school children and college students, ensure safe neighborhoods, provide health care, or improve our highways and transit systems. Simply put, Georgia does not have enough money coming in to keep pace with the needs of Georgians and the demands of a modern economy.  Education funding makes up more than half of the state budget.